Children’s French Class Last Tuesday

A freshly made memory cards set!

Last Tuesday, the French children’s class went very well. I was all in French! It followed the CLIL approach. An approach to language learning from Europe born in the 1990s. It stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning.

There were four students: three girls (8 and under) and a boy 11. There will be a new student next week (a 9 year old boy). We learnt about body parts singing “Tête, épaules et genoux, pied”. Then we drew a face and labelled “les yeux, le nez, les oreilles, la bouche.”
We then created a memory game with cards and played it. 45 minutes of fun!

There are still spots if you are interested in joining us at the Trades hall in the classroom downstairs at 4 15 PM. See you there!


Contact: or call on 0435 513 245