Sophie, Your French Teacher

Our French-born qualified teacher offers French tuition to businesses, adults and school students (VCE included).
Learning French should be fun and stimulating! Gain confidence and learn how to learn in a friendly environment.

Sophie was born in France. She grew up in Lille and Brive-la-Gaillarde. As a child, she loved speaking English and teaching her dog to do jumps over wooden bars.

During her teenage years she developed a fascination for foreign languages and later in life ended up living in several European cities in order to improve her language skills: Rome, Berlin, Manchester and Brighton.

Thanks to these experiences, Sophie speaks English, Italian and German. This gave her an insight into what French culture is about, especially compared to other countries.

Australia turned out to be an exciting and irresistible place to Sophie. She fell in love with it while studying theatre and sociology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Two years later Melbourne offered an even more enjoyable time, the best time of her life was when she was a French teaching assistant in several primary and secondary schools. She loved the way children were taught and how their emotional development was just as important as their academic success.

Sophie went back to Europe after a year and a half and taught French to adults in Rome and Paris for 6 years. She moved to Montreal for a winter proofreading TV series subtitles. She also worked in the Internet industry in Berlin for eBay and other sites.

But Australia was still on her mind, impossible to forget. So one day, Sophie decided that she would emigrate there. A massive decision. In order to do that, she went back to Melbourne to study a Graduate Diploma of Education. She taught German and French in Bendigo and now teaches French in Ballarat. Working with secondary students gave her an insight on how to motivate a class and individuals.

After several hurdles through visa application, she finally became an Australian citizen in 2015. Sophie now lives in cold and stylish Ballarat in Victoria. She enjoys the beautiful architecture and the sense of community the city offers.

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"Sophie has been a valuable part of my journey through VCE French this year. Tutoring sessions have been fun and they have improved my ability to understand and communicate in French while also preparing me for my exams. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn/improve their French either for school or travel purposes."


VCE student
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"Sophie's French lessons are diverse with the inclusion of songs, reading material, graphics, speaking, writing and listening. She has the ability to engage each student at the level that they are most comfortable coping, and totally understands that learning a new language is challenging. Sophie's lessons contain lots of laughter and joy. I would encourage anyone seeking French lessons to join in. A great atmosphere. C'est manifique!"


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"When my 6 year daughter requested to learn French I found it hard to find any French native speaking tutors in Ballarat. Sophie was recommended and since starting we haven't looked back! Sophie is engaging, friendly, patient, and a terrific tutor.
My daughter loves going to her French lesson each week & enjoys everything French!" - Phoebe's mother


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